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Alfred Munzer was still a child when the Holocaust happened. His family had been scattered around all over Europe to save as many members as they can, and he had been passed around from one custody to another. Al and his family are Jewish, and by the logic of that era, that fact alone is a sin.

The Holocaust did not only affect people directly subjected to the incident. Al’s foster family, which are indonesians, are also exposed to the opression. They had to hide the fact that another boy was living with them and spend their days in fear of being exposed and killed. However scary the situation was, they decided to keep the boy and share his fate. It all comes back to our sense of humanity.

It is amazing how our conciousness and choices can affect people’s lives significantly. The foster family’s choice to keep Al made it possible for the little Jewish boy to grow up to be an established man. Aside from that, he spend every seconds of his day simpatizing with people who share the same fate as him, telling his stories, and promoting peace. Him being alive might even be the ripple that enables other Jewish people to bravely admit who they are in their communities now. And the kindness, it is still rippling.

Alfred Munzer is Holocaust’s survivor, yet his story is not his own. It is the story of how a piece of goodwill can bring future towards many people, and that no boundaries, including races, religions, and other formed identity aspects can have stronger impact than a single choice. Be sure to make the best choice in every moment! 🙂

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