Yesterday afternoon I met Afkar. Yes, our pretty-boy-debating-mate-usually-teamed-up-with-Mas-Bimo-from-five-senior-high from a few years back– Nisa idolized him, haha. He heard the news and asked me whether I went to see you in Madion or not. (God, do people still ask that? Of course I went to see you!) I guess he heard the news from Oliv or Siska– Oliv organized your farewell party, gathering people from high school and so. Siska asked me a few days after that, whether it was true that you are gone. She must have also heard the news from Oliv, as she took charge of informing some of your friends– sorry I could not do the same, the only ones I informed were your university friends and Pandan– I told her to contact some of your elementary school close friends such as Wikan. News travels fast, indeed.

The first thing your friends asked when they saw me had been a series of “Did you go to Madiun” followed by statements such as “When I heard the news, I was very shocked.” Well, I can guarantee– You are not the only one.

Why did I go with my parents to Magelang that Sunday? I should have stayed, remembering your state a night prior. I thought that I would be able to see you when I get back. But then, when I arrived at the city, your sister texted me– she said they removed you from Bethesda and registered at JIH’s emergency room. Certainly I did not think things would go that fast. When I got back to the city, it was quite late– about 7 p.m.– and I instantly went to see you. However, when I got there, I saw your family got out of the hospital– they said it is better to see you tomorrow. Your sister told me the newest updates about you– that they handled you wrong before and now you are in a critical state, but even your family did not get the chance to console you. They were asked to leave by the nurses– it was because of fulfilling your demands of drinks. Your sister was very nice– she told me not to worry as you were handled better then. She asked me to go home as she knew I had classes the day after. I complied, though I went there prepared to stay over. I should not have. I did not even got the chance to see you.

You cold not have imagined how shocked I was when I woke up to your sister’s texts the next dawn. Woken up by a grieving news of closest friend is utterly devastating. People do not have to tell me that they feel surprised, for I might be the most surprised one after your family.

As you said before, life is full of surprises. We cannot see what awaits us in the next corner. The best thing we can do is simply trying to give our best to what we have right now. And, to face the surprises we got with our heads held high.


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