This afternoon, I met two of our high school mates by chance– our first teammate, Mbak Vicky, and your favourite junior Rafiq. Do you remember how, when we passed his house on our last outing together two weeks ago, we were wondering how he is doing? Well, I hereby happily report to you that he is doing alright. Starting two weeks ago, he is finally a university student! Can you believe it, with that attitude? Well, the shame goes for mine as well, as I was overly excited when seeing him in my campus territory. Guess what? He is going to the same department as me, majoring in governmental studies. I wish I could have told you in person, for you two were nearly always in the same frequency. I wish we had stopped right outside his house at that time, then knocking the door without even wondering if we got the right one. Ah, regrets.

After being so distant in the past two years, seeing close school mates from the past does brings back memories. As you are well aware of, we spent almost each one of our high school days, talking about basically everything happening in our lives underneath the so-called-100-years-old willow tree, together. Almost everyone noticed that we are a package, inseparable though going at different speed. My numerous skipping-extra-lesson rituals, using debating practice as excuses, when in fact, sometimes, there are none. Our day-to-day hangout place after school, the only restaurant around school which has the same employee for over four years– yes, that guy is still there. In that time, they have cheaper prices, though– 7.000 for a zupa soup while now it costs no less than 14.000, crazy! Everyday was peaceful, yet, full of laughter and cries. We were so.. happy. I miss those days.


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