#19 – Learning Good Journalism

What’s your definition of good journalism?

For me, good journalism means delivering a set of grounded facts with positive yet impactful feedback. It lies on the understanding of what really matters. Margie Mason’s report of illegal fisherman slave-migrants in Benjina, Indonesia is a good example of good journalism.

Margie and her colleagues’ report won a Pulitzer Prize last year. And for me, well, it’s just natural. Her report investigated fish products made by illegal fisherman slave-migrants flow on the market, as well as the real condition on the torture cases in Benjina. She sent her research to Susi Pudjiastuti, our Minister of Marine Afairs and Fisheries in 2012. From then on, the minister acted upon the findings and took it into action herself by strengtening the monitoring efforts on foreign vassals.

Today I had the privilege to discuss the report with Margie herself in one of World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) panel discussions in Jakarta. Needless to be said, the event was interesting as I got to meet many media professionals.

Oh, and Allan Nairm was there too, though I didn’t get to meet him. And honestly, in all causes, I would much prefer Margie’s than Nairm’s—one is good journalism, whereas the other is bad.

Several of my writings on Liputan6.com got published today, but I just felt so sad. The quality is, at any level, bad. I guess I’m not cut out for an online media journalist.

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