Fearlessly Exciting: My experience being an intern at Zeno Indonesia

My experience being intern at Zeno Indonesia

Below is a recount of my experience while being an intern at Zeno Indonesia during October 2016 – February 2017. Feel free to read on your own account.


Since entering Communications, I had six goals to achieve before graduating: to be actively involved in an organization, to work part-time, to get a scholarship, to go on an exchange, to do a research, and to intern in Jakarta. I am now in (hopefully) my last year, and looking back, I think that I’ve checked off all of those in my list. It left me a single goal in mind: graduating—but we’ll get to that eventually.

In my first year, I started to make timetables for my goals. In that plan, my fourth year supposedly involve a series of combination in harnessing my professional potentials by interning and everything else. (Sadly I forgot to make one for my final thesis, sigh) And guess what, I did.

I went MIA in campus and went interning at Zeno Indonesia in Jakarta for three months, starting from late October 2016 to early February 2017. It felt weird—leaving the city just for the sole purpose on interning, that is. But surprisingly it went very well and I managed to feel pretty much at home during the end of my stay.

Okay then, let’s get to business.

How did you manage to land an internship at Zeno Indonesia?

As I was saying, I planned ahead. I planned on taking the first semester of my fourth year off to seek opportunities beyond my reach in Yogyakarta, and so I did. I planned on interning in the early months of my fourth year and began listing down companies I wanted to enter in my first year. It all went down from an impulsive planning, but I guess that works too.

While trying to map my internship prospects, I had only one company in mind—Edelman. I have always consider people who works in a consultancy firm to be in a perfect balance of everything—creative yet sophisticated, ambitious yet fun—and i still think that it’s true. And as a first year, I saw that the PR firm reflects that professionalism flair I long for. It won by a long shot than others.

A few years after, I started my plan. I began contacting my connections who worked in the company, ask them of their experiences, and also on internship opportunities. I got extremely positive results. People were happy to share with me and one of them told me that there would be no problem in having me intern at his department.

However, it turned out that there’s a waiting list long enough for me to reconsider my internship application. I contacted the HR and, well, let’s just say that our needs didn’t match. My request to have the semester-off was already granted and I didn’t have any offer within the time range—great!

I hastily look for internship opportunities available as soon as I got back from London in mid August. I hate being unplanned, but there was nothing else I can do. Normally, I would look for companies which interest me and contact the HR personally with resume attached for any job or internship opportunities, but we couldn’t be picky when it’s last minute, could we?

I decided to apply for an advertised internship at Mirum, a digital agency based in Jakarta. It was not quite ideal, as I am focusing in Public Relations—but then again, I really couldn’t afford to be picky. I sent my application via email, and got called for an interview a few days after. Fast and friendly response, unlike the other one.

Then, literally minutes after I got notified of the interview, I got a call from Edelman’s HR. She asked me whether I wanted to intern at Zeno Group, Edelman’s sister company. I was conflicted, but after checking out the company’s profile here, I immediately got hooked. Zeno seems vibrant, honest, and excitingly imaginative, everything Edelman is not. The greens are just in the perfect shade for me, and I thought that the firm might suit me better in character than others. Then a few days after, I went to Jakarta for consecutive interviews at Mirum and Zeno.

I was given an offer by both companies less than three days after getting back to Yogyakarta. I told both of them of the other’s offer and they gave me some time to think about it. In the end, I chose Zeno, mainly because—who can resist the greens??

What was the company like?

It was superb! As I said before, though it’s the sister company of Edelman with some of its managements, clients, and consultants coincide, their characters differ greatly. Edelman is like the reliable and established big brother, whereas Zeno is the free-spirited, fun-loving, yet idealist little sister. It’s similar to my personality, a true embodiment of ENFP.

I only can do so much justice in explaining of my own. Let the company speaks for itself by visiting here.

There are clear values driving us. We’re fearless in embracing the unexpected, and pushing the boundaries of what disruptive thinking and communications can achieve. We’re collaborative, believing that we’re better together as we seek to spark the very best thinking. We’re committed to getting the job done and remaining true to our word in keeping the promises we make. And in how we act each day, we’re human knowing that people really matter, and we must always support and understand the needs of individuals on our team.

—Zeno Group, Fearless Pursuit of the Unexpected

What did you do on your internship?

I did a lot. I did media monitoring, desktop research, social listening, brainstorming, translating, writing press releases, planning, writing reports, event organizing, media database compiling, client and media meetings, presenting, and of course—partying!

Here’s the photo from DJE Holdings New Year’s Eve party earlier this year.

How was it like to intern at Zeno Indonesia?

Being in a Public Relations agency is fun. We got to do exciting things, such as planning creative campaigns and meeting well-known people. But at the end of the day, it’s not only about the work, but also the culture.

At Zeno, I got to stroll around seeing what others are doing, chatting, and singing while working. Believe it or not, but I actually brought soft balloons to play at work, and others love it too! We even got early leave for a karaoke session by the year’s end. Work is fun!

One of thing I love the most while interning there was the people. Most of them are the work hard – play hard – no hard feelings type (or maybe there is, it just didn’t get to their work) and so the dynamic’s there. There were times when I got to stay late to finish my work we ended up eating out, have fun, or just chatting randomly in the pantry.

I haven’t even mention the food. Zeno’s pantry practically always have something to offer. Be it snacks from overseas when the consultants went on media trips, local snacks from hometowns, vacation destinations, or lower level media trips, birthday celebrations, the boss’ sudden urge to buy cakes and treat lunch, and many others.

There’s also this tradition to have a small graduation party when someone’s leaving the company. The party basically consisted of the people leaving bringing a humongous amount of food, people saying their last words (not supposed to sound as depressing), them giving farewell gifts, and eating the offerings. When my internship period ended, I actually brought nasi tumpeng kuning to the office—haha!

In Zeno, people are playful and young at heart. As my mentor said, it’s the place to play and grow, similar to Bobo. Not to mention the fact that everyone is treated like family. The company’s mid-sized and only consisted of 25-ish people—maybe that’s why people are close and care to one another. It’s just the ideal workplace to spend your 20s.

I learnt a lot in those short span of time, on being a PR practicioner and its culture. It was fun, exciting, and just exhilaratingly challenging in every sense. Thank you for allowing me to learn! 🙂

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  2. Halo mau nanya dong. Kmrn sy dipanggil tes magang di zeno indonesia juga. Kira-kira disana apakah paid internship? Krn sy dari Jawa timur, sy juga musti menghitung pengeluaran biaya hidup di Jakarta. Jika memang paid internship, tentu akan lebih meringankan sy. Terimakasih infonya, ditunggu jawabannya ya 🙂

    1. Di sana paid internship kok. Good luck ya! 🙂

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