Hello, Jakarta.

Since last week, I’ve been living by myself in the bustling city of Jakarta. I’ve gotten quite familiar with the busy roads, rudeness of its people to passer-bys (even more so than New York, believe it or not), the heat, and skin-breaking pollutants. I literally can’t go out of my room without feeling afraid of being kidnapped, robbed, or left to death because of some road accidents. Yes, it’s that bad—yet with similar rate of food and groceries as some parts of London.

A friend of mine told me that people who lives in Jakarta are very strong, even stronger than the ones living in remote areas of Indonesia—with an exception to Papua, he said. I have to agree on this point. Living in big cities are undoubtedly hard, but Jakarta offers some additional obstacles as determinants. I don’t even want to go out of my room except to work and shop for groceries, as it’s hard to go basically anywhere, by anything. I do admire those who chose to work long-term in Jakarta—such resillient people.

But aside from uncanny challenges than the ones I had in Jogja, the city, like any other capital, gives out many opportunity. For me, it’s a chance to prove to everyone, including myself, that i can stand on my own. Hopefully it will also enable me to make better decisions in the future.

Lintang Cahyaningsih


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